Submarines Sperry Serviced

Below is a list of the Submarines Sperry Serviced during it’s long career.
Links to these submarines reunion groups or information pages are provided.

USS Barbero SS-317         USS Bluejack SS-326     USS Nautilus SS-571
USS Redfish SS-395         USS Baya SS-318           USS Bugara SS-331
USS Perch SS-313             USS Remora SS-487     USS Bashaw SS-241
USS Caiman SS-323         USS Permit SSN-594    USS Ronquil SS-396
USS Besugo SS-321          USS Carp SS-338           USS Plunger SSN-595
USS Sea Fox SS-402        USS Blackfin SS-322      USS Char SS-328
USS Pomfret SS-391        USS Segundo SS-398     USS Blenny SS-324
USS Entemedor SS-340   USS Queenfish SS-393   USS Spinax SS-489
USS Blower SS-325          USS Flasher SSN-613     USS Rasher SS-269
USS Bluegill SS-242         USS Menhaden SS-377  USS Razorback SS-394
USS Redfish SS-395         USS Remora SS-487      USS Ronquil SS-396
USS Seafox SS-402          USS Segundo SS-398     USS Spinax SSR/SS-489

Also performed training exercises with USS Chanticleer ASE-7 a submarine rescue vessel.

If we missed any Submarines Sperry Service on our list, please contact our webmaster.