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2017 Reunion Schedule

I have posted a tentative schedule of events for this years reunion.
I’m still trying to pin down a few things, but the San Diego businesses want hard numbers which I can’t give them until after the registration deadline, so it’s going a bit slower than I had hoped, it’s the ball is still turning.

I hope to have the newsletter out by the end of April.


2017 Reunion

Just a bit of news on the reunion.  We have been working on a number of things for us to do.  Have had some problems with venues telling us to contact them 1 month before the reunion.  Not understanding how our process works with the newsletter and member registrations has been a challenge to get the venues to provide us with newsletter information.

We are making progress, slow but surely getting things finalized.
I am happy to say that a visit Pt. Loma maybe possible.  Still working through the Navy red tape.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of shipmates this year.